Sarnia documentary filmmaker

An actress, model, former Miss Teen Sarnia, Forbes 30 Under 30 list nominee and filmmaker who grew up in Sarnia has made Unity, a new short documentary about the COVID 19 outbreak, set for release May 23 on YouTube.

Shreya Patel made the documentary film from video contributions made by young people in more than 60 countries around the world. They responded to her call for stories about how they are experiencing life during the global pandemic.

Patel said she thought about what she could do when the pandemic began and decided to tap into a global group she become involved in after being nominated for the Forbes list, thinking I can get a bunch of people to send me their stories and I can make a short doc? expected maybe eight or nine people might respond, enough for a five or six minute film, but ended up attracting stories from more than 60 countries.

basically showing the human spirit and resilience in a bunch of people from around the world, she said about the film sharing stories of how people in different places, and with different backgrounds, are making their way through the same experience.

Some stories are heartbreaking because of the hardships and poverty people in some parts of the world are facing, she added.

There are also stories of those spending time at home with families, including a guy who decided to do a marathon on his balcony, Patel said ## ## .

Patel said prior to the pandemic, and the documentary, she was writing a television project about human trafficking and taking acting jobs, including a small role with Sarah Paulson in an upcoming episode of the FX series Mrs. America.

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